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5 Second Rule Game – Cheapest Price

5 Second Rule Game

5 Second Rule Game

The 5 Second Rule Game is an exciting game that was designed to test one’s wit and speed, somewhere along the lines of a trivia game, it’s perfect for rainy days when a power outage has dropped your family back into the dark ages. All that’s needed to have some random trivia fun sharpening everyone’s wit like a whittling stick is a deck of 288 cards with a total of 575 questions, and a stick that has a spiral ramp that corkscrews around with a number of small metallic bb’s (its function is much like an hourglass using bb’s instead of sand); that’s all there is to it.

5 Second Rule Board Game

The rules are simple, the deck must be shuffled and a random card is drawn from the deck, someone will dictate to the answerer who will hear the question at the simultaneous moment as the timing rod is flipped upside down. All the questions follow the formula of “Name three …” which the answerer will have 5 seconds to answer the question before the BB’s get to the bottom of the corkscrew. This cleverly designed game combines trivia with reaction time as well testing time stress. The stress created by the small amount of time of the 5 Second Rule Game is compounded by the fast motion of the fast whirling BB’s that make time seem like its moving faster. I could go into detail talking about the theory of special relativity and the perception of the passage of time according to psychological statistics to explain this game; however this would violate the 5 second rule.

What I can tell you is the 5 Second Rule Board Game is perfect for stimulating young minds; increasing the speed that neurotransmitters move through a player’s axons and dendrites. When someone gets good at this game they are able to reference factoids at data rates that unmatched by even the most powerful super computers built to date. One way of thinking of how this game works on the mind is like de-fragmenting a hard drive; it speeds up the process to retrieve pertinent information. This game is not only simply for children; in fact a large number of people would find this game fun. The 5 Second Rule Game is perfect for adults to use as a drinking game, in this manner we punish the slow brain cells and wipe them from existence with alcohol.

5 Second Rule Game

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