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Angry Birds Toys – Cheapest Prices

Angry Birds Toys – Cheapest PricesThe new range of Angry Birds toys was one of the most popular new products at this years Toy Fair 2011 in London. Based on the characters made famous by the unbelievably popular iPhone game, Angry Birds, these cute and cuddly plush Angry Birds toys are set to become the latest toy phenomenon.

If you have never heard of Angry Birds (where have you been?!), it is the most popular iPhone game in the world having been downloaded over 50 million times, and remained at the top of the iTunes game chart for most of 2010. Like any successful game it is ridiculously simple to play but almost impossible to master, which results in the Angry Birds game being extremely addictive. It is these qualities that have mad it so popular.

All you have to do is fire the birds at the pigs using a catapult whose power and trajectory is controlled using the touch screen on your iPhone. You advance through the game by destroying all the pigs but you only have a limited number of birds to do so… This is one of those games you cannot put down – you will see flying birds in your sleep we guarantee it!

The Angry Birds toys are set to make the most of the massive popularity of the game with a range of cute plush toys in a variety of sizes. Also look out for the Angry Birds board game due out later this year where you can catapult angry birds at pigs for real!

Angry Birds Toys – Cheapest Prices

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