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Best Selling Toys 2011

Best Selling Toys 2011Despite the progressive times we live in, some toys have remained as favourites with the kids and adults alike. These are played over the generations and enjoyed by all and passed on to the next. Each with its own timeless appeal, these top Christmas toys 2011 have come a long way since its early days and will appear in the lists for the best selling toys 2011.

Toys have always played a major role in a child’s overall development and some of the best selling toys of all time stand testimony to this fact. Fun, entertaining and educational, toys help children develop physically and mentally, improving their coordination and balance among other virtues. As technology progresses, toys become more hi-tech and the best selling toys of even the previous year no longer rank on the list of the hot toys. However, some of these remain as favourites despite their simplicity and lack of complex gadgetry.

A favourite for all occasions would be the board games, several of which are sure to feature in the best selling toys 2011, being popular among kids and adults alike. Games like Monopoly, Pictureka, Sorry, Scrabble, etc have reigned and are still being played all over the world by all age groups. Children’s versions of these board games are now available with easier instructions and more interactive game play.

Video games are another category of best selling toys that appeal to boys, girls and men equally. From the old Sega video consoles to the Gameboy, Nintendo 3DS and the Playstation 3, video games have come a long way since its inception in the 60’s.

Some of the best selling Christmas toys 2011 are winter related jigsaw puzzles, figurines from the much loved Christmas classic stories and books and games that relate to the Christmas spirit. These best selling Christmas toys appeal to all age groups and find themselves being bought year after year making them timeless.

New Year’s Day is an occasion to be celebrated in full swing and the best selling toys for the New Year day would be blow horns, party horns, funny glasses, over the top hats and party favours. These are sold at astonishing rates around the New Year time and have topped the charts for being some of the best selling toys.

The all year round best selling toys remain the motor driven toys like remote controlled helicopters and cars, and sports related equipment like racquets, bats and balls meant for specific sports. Make sure you watch this space for the latest news about the best selling toys 2011.

Best Selling Toys 2011

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