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Kurio Kids Tablet – Cheapest Price

The Kurio 7″ tablet is made specifically to suit children, highly advanced but very simple to use. The Kurio tablet looks great with a durable case and comes with bright colours just the way children love. The protective cover that enables gripping well whilst even ensuring that it does not break when dropped. The protective cover makes it look rugged and very cool in every way. The protective cover is also adjustable; therefore one can remove it any time especially if an adult is using it. The device has adopted the android operating system and this makes it very professional and sophisticated so that even adults can use it.

Kurio Tablet Features

The Kurio tablet is made with inches 7, 8 and 9 which is very clear to use. There are customized UI skins for each tablet to make it age appropriate for each and every one who intends to use the tablet. The Kurio Android tablet is very accessible by adults because it has the best features that anyone would love. The Kurio tablet is sure to be a huge hit because it really holds great features for children. This device is already approved by Google to be used and get all the Android benefits without any problems.

The Kurio tablet also comes with a large internal memory of 4GB and there is a slot for external memory. This means more memory can be include up to its capacity to get all the good stuff within the tablet. It also uses the HDMI as well as the USB jack which is very appropriate. It comes with a software that enables one to hold up to 8 profile in a go and this is great because it is easy to make restrictions on the applications needed and websites that are frequently accessed.

It has a touchscreen that makes it more sleek and unique for using at home. It also has a built in microphone, Wi-Fi and flash 11 and even an HD player. You will also find your music player, e-reader and available applications to ensure that the tablet works just like a fully fledged tablet device. It has a camera that has a high resolution up to 2 MP and the battery is able to last up to 6 hours.

All these features have made this Android tablet the most modern device for kids. It is a big step to making sure that children learn a lot from the best devices and uses cutting edge tablet technology to deliver a fantastic digital device.

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