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Milky the Bunny – Cheapest Prices

Milky the Bunny - Cheapest Price

Introducing Milky the Bunny… the cutest snow white bunny rabbit from Emotion Pets. Milky Bunny is the most recent addition to the super-cuddly electronic interactive pets range from Emotion Pets which includes the hugely successful Toffee the Pony. Milky the Bunny is predicted to be among the top toys 2011 so look out for him at a toy store near you!

Milky the Bunny is a large interactive plush rabbit toy that can display different emotional reactions and responds to sounds and touch. Milky the Bunny toy will fall fast asleep when you stroke and brush his lovely white fur and can wake up again by blinking his lovely large eyes and moving his floppy ears. Apart from being a very playful bunny, he is also a very hungry bunny. Watch him chomp contentedly on his carrot when he feels a bit peckish!

It’s never boring when you are looking after Milky the Bunny, he has loads of interactive features and loves to be played with. He reacts in a delightful manner when his feet are tickled, wiggling his ears and feet and blinking his eyes.

Milky truly is the most lovable white bunny rabbit that little girls will have to take everywhere with them, will be available in store later in 2011. To keep up to date with the latest news and Milky the Bunny in stock details, sign up for email updates, click here: Milky the Bunny Email Updates

Milky the Bunny

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